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Day Care £35 per day 

For the more energetic dog who needs a lot of exercise or indeed if you work long hours, our day care service, designed for both puppies and adult dogs, offers the ideal solution. 
Your dog will be collected in the morning between 7 - 8am or 9.30 - 10.30am depending on your preference and will spend the whole day enjoying a variety of walks in some fantastic parks, making lots of new friends and learning valuable life skills to make yours and your dog’s life easier. 
As with our walks, every day is different and we love the fact that each day provides another opportunity for fun and learning in a beautiful country park. We even go to the beach at least four times a year! 
It’s important to us that your furry friend is happy and healthy and our day care service is perfect for those whose dogs have a lot of energy to expend or for those that work long hours and don’t want your dog left home alone. 
Our days out in South West London and Surrey are loved by all and they return home happy and tired, having had a fantastic day out with their friends, both canine and human. 

Puppy Day Care £35 per Day 

We know how important it is to look after your puppys' young body and growing joints so we offer a slightly later pick up. They still get to enjoy all the benefits of our Day Care Service but will be collected around 9.30am.  
As with our walks, we take socialisation very seriously and do not allow our puppies to be too boisterous within our group - we want them to learn nice manners from the other more well balanced dogs so are careful to place them in the right group. We want your puppy to grow into a nice well mannered, well socialised adult dog so teaching appropriate play is crucial at a young age. We also take advantage of our environments and frequently work on desnesitising them to things like bin men, lawn mowers and encourage friendly greetings with the other people and dogs we see on our walks. 
Puppies benefit so much from our day care service as they mix with well mannered sociable dogs that are very welcoming to the young ones. 


Simba and Jasper really enjoy their walks with Off The Lead! I catchup with what they are doing on Off The Leads facebook page and know they are in good hands. We also have a whatsapp group to share photos and information. They’ve had Safari Surf and Turf weekends and I know they always have a thoroughly fantastic time. They can’t wait to greet Diane when she arrives! 
Mandy Thadsad - Wandsworth 
We strive to give our clients that 'extra special' service and by adding simple things like treasure hunts to our walks, gives our dogs even more beneficial mental stimulation. 
Come rain or shine, we work in all weathers. We make sure your dogs are towel dried before returning and we always make sure your dogs are offered water during and after a walk.  
We like people to see how well behaved our dogs are so we work hard to ensure we achieve this by using kind, up to date positive reinforcement training methods.  
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